China or Washington DC…

I am curious… how many of you are more concerned about China and their business antics than you are  about our own governments lack of effort to protect USA Made companies and jobs?

When I mention our government’s actions, I am talking about what seems to be a lack of effort to make adjustments that adequately protect against poorly handled tariffs,  importing tax laws, allowance of foreign owned manufacturing being charged less tax, etc. etc.

I believe the majority of  competition is not the USA manufacturers as much as it is coming from our own government. Our government seems to be offering  foreign companies an advantage that puts them into a better financial position than our USA Made companies. That might be one of the reasons you are experiencing a loss of an adequate tax base and a loss of USA  jobs.

Your thoughts?    … Lawson Nickol

11 thoughts on “China or Washington DC…

  1. While some of the blame can be squarely placed on Washington and the many laws its passed that makes it financially advantageous for “US” companies to move manufacturing overseas, some of the blame has to be placed on American retailers’ shoulders. It’s well within their ability to source American-made products for their stores, but they’re more concerned with obtaining products as cheaply as possible. Whether that means sourcing something from a Chinese company, or forcing an American company to move production overseas to meet their price points, doesn’t seem to matter to them.

    The recent economic belt-tightening may be bringing the era of ‘conspicuous consumerism’ to an end, and people are beginning to see the value of buying fewer items of better quality. Let’s hope so, because it’s consumer demand that will bring manufacturing back to the US, not laws passed by the federal government.

    • How about placing most of the blame on the consumers who continue to buy the cheap imports (and by cheap, I don’t necessarily mean inexpensive – look at the shoddy workmanship on items sold by A & F and Aeropostale!)? I’ve heard time and again “I can’t afford to buy American” or “organic (or locally grown) food is so expensive” and these same people are wearing Nike’s and clothing with “Hollister” emblazoned across the chest! When we consumers start insisting that our retailers carry USA-made, and let them know we will not shop at their stores until they do, the imports will no longer be viable. I live in a small town in “Up-North” Michigan and most of the people here will drive the 46 miles to the nearest Walmart or other chain store to save a few bucks. Everyday I hear at least one of these folks brag about how much they saved on an item from one of these places, compared to what they would have paid at a local business. And it’s usually an item that is so cheaply made that it will have to be replace in a month. Believe me when I say it is not worth the drive! STOP SHOPPING THE BIG-BOX STORES. Support your local retailers, buy USA and bring our jobs back to the USA.

      • Tracy, You hit the nail on the head. The problem is that 95% (just a guess) of the people in the USA don’t care or don’t understand what is really happening to them. If they still have a job (most people in USA) they will remain naive until it is too late. When they go to work and the doors are locked on the factory, then they will blame someone or the will wonder what just happened to me. We have to care now, we have to buy now we have to do something to mitigate this trend… now.
        Thanks for your reply.

  2. I could not agree more with Chris, corporate america’s desire to increase shareholder profit at all cost has proven to shorsighted to say the least. With american worker’s being put in direct competition with inexpensive forgien labor, now more than ever it is important for us to pay attention to where our consumer goods come from.

  3. I urge everyone to check each item you buy for tag stating where it was made. If it says: Made in China,lay it down and shop until you find one made in:USA or any place except China!! Notify store mgrs. that you will not buy products made in China!!

  4. I have to agree with Tracy. If we get a grass roots movement focused on buying American made we could create American jobs and put the power back in the American people’s hands. Unfortunately I did not come to this realization until a year ago, since I come from the Abercrombie generation most of my cloths were made everywhere but America. Now I make it a point to buy American, the quality of my cloths has improved and I have found plenty of clothing that is up to date with the latest trends. Now I have to convince everyone else.

  5. I put your business cards on all bulletin boards at work. You would think the “union” people that I work with would jump on an opportunity to buy American made. Not true. We are our own worst enemy. I will always try to spread the word about your company I love the products. I try to look at everything I buy to make sure it is american made and it takes time but it is worth it. All American Clothing should contract with In-N-Out Hamburgers in California to do there shirts. They sell a lot of shirts with there logo and a scene on the back. The shirts are foreign made and around $10.00. In-N-Out Is an American success story and makes great food. I would hope, if you could offer as affordable price to them as you do us they would bring this part of there business back to the US.
    There is also a huge market for Fire Retardant clothing for electrical workers. Something else to get into. Anyway, I love your products and want to see your business grow: More womens clothing and work wear. I would support you all the way .Reggie

  6. I agree with you, that we as Americans are our own worst enemy. Here in the motor city all the UAW members shop in Walmart and are the biggest consumers of forgien matter. It is becoming increasingly more difficult as our government body strives to desimate the middle class. Manufacturing in this country is the only thing that will turn the recession aroun. It is what built this country and is now building other countries. Thank you for caring.

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