How long will you need to wait????

A report came out of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) last week on Yahoo news. It is a good article, I suggest you take a look (click here). The BCG’s prediction is that the world economy is changing in our favor and they believe we will experience more USA products manufactured in the USA around 2015. They believe the  rest of the world’s production cost will rise and thus we will be able to compete. However I suggest that in todays world economy the USA is not growing jobs… so what are we going to do for the next 4 years when we start to see legitimate and solid changes that actually include more solid job growth and production in the USA. What will we do until 2015 while foreign manufacturing adjusts to inflation. What are you going to do about it???  More to come…..


4 thoughts on “How long will you need to wait????

  1. Lance, you have exactly the right idea about this issue. I wish the rest of our country would realize what you already know. Best to You.

  2. We can also call and harass our congressional representatives and senators and the President telling them that we need to raise tariffs, and to bring back laws and enforce laws on the books to get U.S. corporations back into the United States and keep them here. I personally don’t believe that most, if not all, Republicans will give a hoot. I don’t know how many Democrats do either, but at least some do! And yes even Clinton put the screws to the American people. I don’t believe Pres. Obama has the courage or skills or whatever to really tackle the problems that the greed of the corporations and the corporated-owned government has created. We need an FDR!

  3. I am so tired of buying Chinese. I remember growing up and seeing Made in the USA. So far I have come across this site and very few others that sell made in the USA. I try to talk to me friends about the importance of this, but they think I am a white washed Mexican and quickly ignored. Just because I’m brown does not make me any less American and let’s face it…nothing compares to our build quality.

    I purchased a pair of shorts that I use for my workouts here, use them almost daily, yes I do wash them in between. And they still look new!!! I want them to wear out so I can buy another pair but seriously a year later countless washes and my workout shorts are still in top shape. I cannot say anything like that of my Nike shorts. A few washes and they are falling apart the seams.

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