Made In USA fact of the Week:

Did you guys know that fortune cookies were made in the USA? It`s true! In 1918, David Jung, a California resident was worried about the poor whom were wondering around the streets of his restaurant. Thus, he decided to create a cookie with an inspirational Bible scripture written on a small piece of paper inside of it. He would then give them out for free on the streets to help those people in need of food and inspiration.

In looking back upon Mr. Jung`s actions, what he did was both inspirational and for the good of others. We here at The All American Clothing Company can relate to the inspirational story about Mr. Jung. Like Mr. Jung, we have an American Made product that helps those in need. Like Mr. Jung, who was worried about the poor not having food, The All American Clothing Company is worried about the job deficit in the U.S. We intend on doing something about it! We can help people in need by giving our customers an opportunity to buy a product that will both create and keep jobs in the U.S!

3 thoughts on “Made In USA fact of the Week:

  1. Thanks for supporting the troops and the American workers. You guys are my “go to” clothing company and I do spread the word everywhere I go about the importance of buying American and your name is always mentioned by me. Keep up the great work!

  2. My husband and I are trying to buy American but we are having trouble
    finding American products. Right now we don’t need any blue jeans
    but when we do, yours are the ones we will buy. We do not buy with
    charge card over the internet so we need a telephone number to call
    and order, please let me know if there are other American made products
    (shoes, dresses, lingerie, linens, etc.) Thank you, June

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