2 thoughts on “The American economy in 2012…

  1. I just purchased two pairs of jeans and a belt from the All American Clothing Co. Am looking forward to the arrival of these items. I also put your company on my FB page. In my opinion, the only hope this country has of improving/recovering the economy is through the resurgence of American industry, and not as a result of seeking approval or infusion of inflationary funds from the political sector. The American people need to (continue to) roll up their sleeves and MAKE business themselves. Pork barrel employment ploys will only produce more pigs, and this country has already put on too much weight as it is. What we need is more genuine home-grown muscle as opposed to being a nation of swaggering phony macho punks driven by blind pride (who are invariably the same people who throw temper tantrums when they aren’t ‘taken care of’ by some agency- and BTW, it really doesn’t matter how big their truck tires are when they’re crowding other vehicles in traffic while hiding behind dark tinted windows). Solutions to such widespread yet fundamental problems as our current economic mess begin with individual actions based upon a focused mind set, and not another ‘initiative’ pandered by yet another politician who is, in the final analysis just pandering votes. My wife and I recently put our Japanese car up for sale, and purchased an American make auto (and really like it). We are also paying more attention to where something is made, and buying accordingly. A drop in the bucket yes, but If everyone would do just a little in terms of buying American and perhaps starting even a household micro-business, then our current dilemma CAN resolve. The cumulative Effect would have a tremendous Affect. On the other hand, if we just sit around waiting for the ‘government’ to solve all of our problems. we’re doomed.

    • Unfortunately your American car has probably at least 65-70% parts made in other countries. If you don’t believe me do your homework. I use to invest in corporate bonds for a living. I heard all the large parts companies (TRW – autobags, Arvin Meritor, Borg Warner, Lear, etc.) tell me how they were moving a certain portion of their business overseas to low wage countries in Asia and Easter Europe and this was back in 2006-2007. While some of this is because they want to be near the international car brands manufacturing, a lot of the reason is to lower costs. Furthermore, if you are Bosch (German) for example and you make the best particular component for the dollar for a car, Ford/GM, etc. will buy that part. Like it or not the automobile sector is a global business and sometimes you will be supporting a local company and sometimes not. Buying American is a good thing but sometimes it’s impossible to achieve. If you have a few $billion you are welcome to start your own truely American car company but most likely you will pay double what a car costs now. Steel, rubber, plastics, aluminum, electronics are global commodities which is what a car is made of and those come from many other countries with lower labor costs. Finally, as car content increasingly becomes electronic in nature, you can bet most of those chips will be coming from Asia. Microprocessors like Intel makes are made here but most less intelligent chips come fr Taiwan and China.

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