The Simple Things in Life, Why We need to appreciate them the most:

After reading the many headlines about a certain cell phone company having a glitch and leaving its 70 million customers unsatisfied, I began to ask myself, “People`s lives are tormented and they are unhappy because they don’t have a cell phone? Should people measure happiness based on the material items they own such cell phones?” Sadly, this is the reality of some people in the world today. Not all, but some people measure their happiness on material items.  For me, it’s the simple things in life that measure happiness. Here is my top 10:

1)       Sharing a laugh with family and friends.

2)      Doing the right thing, even if it seems difficult.

3)      Laying in bed on a rainy or snowy day.

4)      Singing in the car or shower: My favorite song to shout out is “I Can`t Get No Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones.

5)      Receiving a REAL letter in the mail: It always means more when someone takes the time to do this. A rare treat.

6)      A beautiful view: For me, the beach with ocean and lake with hills. A sunset or sunrise mixed in cannot hurt.

7)      Feeling the wind, rain, snow, or sunshine on your skin.

8)      A cozy fire, whether it be in fireplace or a bonfire.

9)      A familiar smell: For me it`s my great grandmother`s pot roast. Always my favorite meal since I was a kid.

10)  That feeling you get on Christmas morning.

It is important to take in the small things in life as much as possible throughout your life. Many of us go through life and measure happiness based on the many big ideas and successes that we have. It is important to never forget or lose sight of those small things that help pave the way in chasing big dreams.

As a final thought, this cell phone failure has left people believing that there is a national tragedy. How can people treat this as a tragedy in the US when the unemployment rate is still the same at 9.1% AMERICANS ARE STILL OUT OF JOBS AND WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT CELL PHONES SHUTTING DOWN. Around 14 million Americans are unemployed, yet we don’t have a movement to improve this right away. A cell phone company has 70 million customers, which is more than 14 million, and the breakdown in service is fixed right away. How can this be? Your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “The Simple Things in Life, Why We need to appreciate them the most:

  1. I agree with all and will add:
    Spending time with my wife, just the 2 of us on the sofa, under a blanket, watching a movie with some popcorn.
    Summer mornings on my front porch with a cup of coffee is pure heaven to me.
    Opening day for baseball (Go White Sox 2012).
    Farmers markets
    Warm apple cider in the fall

  2. Warm apple cider in the fall ….ahhh yes ! And I will add to that playing with my grandkids and the good feeling you get from a job well done . I love this site ! Sharing this with my friends. Clothing order coming soon.

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