All American Clothing Co. Featuring ‘Traceability’ Technology

Traceability tells you what cotton fields in the U.S. your jeans were grown.

Traceability is all about the ‘truth and proof’ of where your jeans come from in the United States. It is designed to track authenticity in every process involved in manufacturing your jeans from a farmer`s cotton field to the consumer`s closet. Traceability also offers some recognition for hard working Americans like the men and women in cut and sew facilities who are involved in sewing your jeans together. With this being said, we are the first company in the world that can trace your jeans all the way back to the American farmers who grew the cotton that was used in your jean. For the first time, YOU will receive proof your jeans are 100% USA ‘grown and sewn’ by Americans and not by foreign suppliers or manufacturers.


To trace the origin of your All American jeans, click here. This will take you to a section of our website dedicated to traceability. There is a section where you can enter the “traceability number” that comes with your USA made jeans. After this, a map with information will open to show you the exact farm which grew the cotton used in your jeans. If you do not have a pair of our made in USA jeans, there is a number provided as an example so you can test the system.  You can also purchase a pair and try this cool feature on your very own jeans!


All American Clothing Co.

4 thoughts on “All American Clothing Co. Featuring ‘Traceability’ Technology

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