All American Clothing Co: Honesty in Staying True to Our Name

Abraham Licoln was known for doing many great things in his lifetime. Among them was his honesty, earning him the nickname 'Honest Abe.'

In looking at Advertising from a new standpoint, it should be separated in terms of honesty in ethics from entertainment and news. This is because advertising pertains to the lives of millions upon millions of consumers. It is not entertainment where you hear about someone like Brad Pitt`s daily life. It is not your local news, where you are given a set of information on what happened in your local areas. These are both important to the people in the world today, but more people are affected daily by the advertisements that influence their lives and their wallets.  Millions upon millions of consumer`s lives are affected daily because of advertising. Advertisements are everywhere and the industry is one of the largest in the world. And of course, consumers who are buying a product want honesty within an ethical advertising process so they receive what they are paying for. With this being said, we understand that YOU the consumer want better ethics and more honesty out of advertisements today. This may come as a result of today`s economy and the outsourcing of American manufacturing over the past decade. We understand your position because we feel the same way. We understand that your trust in ‘American Made’ manufacturing may be in flux, but we are here to make things happen, build a trust with you and our countrymen who care deeply about making a difference in today`s economy. A recent report in Wall Street Journal found that consumers are willing to pay more for an ethically produced product that tells the truth in all advertisements over a cheaper product that lies in their advertisements. We found this to be very surprising, but understood where it is coming from. People want honesty no matter what the cost. The All American Clothing Co. takes pride in knowing that we are providing YOU with a product that is honest and true to its name. We are an American Made clothing company. And, we are proud to say that we are one of the few who are doing the right thing.


All American Clothing

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