32 thoughts on “Your Voice, Your Vote, Right Here!!!

  1. I’d like to see buy more variances of the Revolution Jean. The Saturday Night Jean is a western style and the rest of the jeans are more generic styles. I prefer to wear more stylish jeans and love the Revolution. More styles like it and I’d buy them instantly. Possibly a lighter and darker color with more fading.

  2. I would like a pair of jeans that are not faded but have an extra side pocket for a cell phone. I like the carpenter jeans for that side pocket but, yours are pre-faded. It would be nice to also have regular cut jeans with that extra side pocket for a cell phone.

  3. There are several things I would like to see you carry. Black carpender jeans and American made shoes. Both work and dress.

  4. Come on folks. You know me. I vote with my dollars not clicks. Just start stocking and I’ll continue to buy. I love you for what you are and push your site ALL THE TIME.

  5. I love a good quilted flannel shirt. Also would really like some good American made hiking boots. Seems that most shoes are made overseas these days. Keep up the good work, AAC!!!

  6. I commend you for you MADE IN AMERICA CLOTHING LINE. I noticed the made in America Certified logo when I opened it. . .MADE IN AMERICA CLOTHING was not checked off as approved Made IN AMERICA CERTIFIED CLOTHING LABLE on your clothing line. I could be mistaken but this is very important to all made in AMERICA CERTIFIEDS to be on all made IN AMERICA PRODUCTS. click on the made in america logo on your add. It makes a big difference. Good luck USA CERTIFIED LABLE

  7. Underwear foremost, More jeans variations, and hopefully some ‘cooler’ t shirts. Sure, I’ve bought a lot of t-shirts, but they all kind of look the same. Take a tip from South Pole Jeans, Hollister, etc, and make them about 20% cooler. It’s hard convincing high school friends to by American when the shirts are plain Tees and the big #1.

  8. I would love to see the Ladies Jean in another color or two such as black and a different shade of blue than the current shade offered. Lately I’m having a hard time finding made in USA ladies dress trouser socks (black, navy and brown). Low profile baseball caps, especially if they could be offered in breathable polyester (see headsweats.com for an example). Thank you for asking!

  9. I wish there were more colors for cargo shorts. Second I would like to see American made sweat shirts with pockets. I am not talking about hooded sweats shirts.

  10. Thank you for making USA made clothes!!! Our whole family buys USA made.
    I would love to buy button-down casual / camp shirts for men and women. And I would love more color and more USA various graphics on T-Shirts and tops.
    By the way… New Balance makes shoes made in the USA, they have an exclusive page for USA Made!!!

  11. Denim Jeans in colors other than blue… BROWN, Black, Green, Tan…. I used to love my Brown Carhartt Jeans, a nice look rather than just Blue or Black….

  12. really like your carpenter jeans – UNION MADE!!! Would like to see the underwear and two pocket w/flaps dungaree or denim or cotton woven button front shirts for work or pleasure.Please keep it up.

  13. I like the Tees but do you have pocket tees? You need a space in your shopping area where you can put in an item and see if you have it. My husband loves his new underwear Tees. I am very impressed that you have started this company. I have sent the information on to a lot of people.

    March 8, 2012

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