Made in USA, The 30 Day Journey:

               Here is an upcoming documentary film about someone who cares about their country and wants to make a difference! That person is Josh Miller. Together with his crew at Made in USA Productions LCC, Josh will set out on a journey throughout the country in which he will live off of USA Made products for 30 days. During Josh`s journey he will talk with locals to find out if “Made in the USA” really means anything anymore. Also, he and his team will explore the rise and fall of USA Made in attempting to find out what has caused our ongoing recession. Josh will interview many business owners, experts, and locals for their opinions on Made in USA as he and his team travel the country.

With the economy being what it is today, All American Clothing Co. would like to invite ALL of you to get involved in helping raise awareness on the importance of American Made with this film! If you would like to make a difference in helping Josh and his team on their journey, please consider making a contribution as small as $10 to the film. Josh and his team want to reach experts and locals from all ends of the USA. Your funds will allow them to reach a larger audience during their journey and to travel to more areas throughout the USA. In order for Josh and his crew to make a high-quality, thought-provoking film, they need our support! Please consider following the link at to make a donation. Your contributions matter! Let`s make a difference in spreading the word on the importance of American Made!

After speaking with Josh personally, I found out quickly that he is a person who deeply cares about his country and wants to make a difference.  As a USA Made company, All American Clothing Co. would like to commend Josh for what he is doing.  We will be following Josh and his crew throughout their journey and supporting them in whatever shape or form we can! Please join us in support for this great cause that will raise awareness to more Americans across the country! Also, dont hesitate to spread the word! For more information on Josh and updates on his Made in USA 30 Day Journey, you can check out their website at

All American Clothing Co.

5 thoughts on “Made in USA, The 30 Day Journey:

  1. He needs to hit up Lou Dobbs! He first got me aware of the outsourceing crisis in America! I buy from All American Clothing and always serach for things made in America when i need something! I love this idea and hope it brings people to make better choices.

  2. Excellent idea, America needs a manufacturing base again. It is actually easy, with the internet, to find US made clothing. However, try to find just about any electronic item and it is tough. For example, how are you going to film this without using a foreign made camera? Or edit without a foreign made computer? These are the issues that I hope you address in your film. Best of luck. — John M

    • @John You bring up some very interesting points. We have discussed these topics extensively in our production meetings and they will be addressed in the film as well! You are correct, there is not a camera (based on my research) that is entirely made in the USA. I have even reached out to some directories to help find one. I would hate to cancel the film because we could not find a camera made in the USA 🙂 We actually have many issues we will address in the film and I can assure you that we will cover MANY MANY topics. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to share. I think this film concept is raising awareness and making people think about “Made in the USA” again.



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