My Trip to Washington D.C. with All American Owner Lawson Nickol:

Day 1: March 26, 2012

7:00 AM:

  • Departed from All American headquarters.

7:00 AM – 12:00 noon:

  • Talked potential business ideas with Lawson on the way.
  • At the half way point. Stopped at a small diner for lunch to support small business America. Enjoyed a nice pizza sandwich and lunch with Lawson.

12:45 PM:

  • Back on the road again—it was my turn to drive.
  • Fell in love with a Ford F 150.
  • Enjoyed driving through the hills of West Virginia.
  • Caught a glimpse of Antietam and Gettysburg battle grounds—very cool!

5:00 PM:

  • Arrived in Washington D.C.
  • Got lost—
  • Didn’t fall in love with Washington D.C. rush hour traffic…

6:00 PM

  •  Finally Found Hotel
  • Checked in

7:00 PM

  • Dinner with Roger Simmermaker, officer of the Buy American Project and author of How Americans can Buy American. Mr. Simmermaker is also an avid speaker and supporter of American Made Manufacturing—and a very nice guy.
  • Enjoyed dinner at Brasas rotisserie & Grill.
  • Talked about upcoming day at the Conference on the Renaissance of American Manufacturing.

9:00 PM

  • Back to hotel
  • Planned out the next day.
  • Did some work until falling asleep.

Thanks for checking in! Stay tuned for day 2 about my first glimpse of all the monuments and landmarks in the city! There were a few surprises for someone who had never been to Washington D.C. before.

Have an All American Day!


All American Clothing Co.

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