What would YOU do? American Apparel Jobs Down 85%

A recent report by the Data of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that American apparel employees have dropped -85% since 1995.

In 1995, the number of U.S. Apparel Employees exceeded over 800,000.

Today that number hardly exceeds 100,000.

What do you guys think is the cause of this? What can be done and how can this be improved?

According to my 8 year old cousin Griffin, the answer is simple. (NOTE: Griffin was asked the following questions without any prior knowledge on the ideals of American Made)

His answer to the question ‘what is the cause?’ was in quote, “The cause of this is because we are buying stuff from China and not buying the stuff we need to make our own stuff in the USA.”

Griffin also answered the questions of ‘what can be done?’ and  ‘how is this improved?’ stating, “By making our own stuff instead of buying stuff from China and other countries. We have to buy our own products for us.”

Just think, if its that simple for an 8 year old–Why isn`t it that simple for all of us?


All American Clothing Co.

4 thoughts on “What would YOU do? American Apparel Jobs Down 85%

  1. Much of that money that Stossel and his friends think should be going to China instead of Americans is helping China build a larger and mostly unreported military, a large national wealth fund which is being used to buy up energy resources, mineral resources and agricultural land all over the world, making those resources off limits to Americans. As more and more of our companies are moved to China we are more and more dependent on Communist China for vital products which are no longer produced here. Will all of these free traitors feel the same, when Americans have increasingly limited options and China has more and more options? Put another way, will the Walmart slogan of pay less live better be true when their kids, could in the future, be fighting China which will have unlimited pretty good weapons against American’s superior but limited weapons? All of these free traitors look such a short view into the future while China thinks in the next decades. How can the most massive transfer of wealth, knowledge and technology in history, from our country to other countries that do not like us possibly be good for America over the next century?

  2. I believe in buying American if the American product can truly compete. Foreign cars changed the auto industry and now American car companies are building cars that Americans want. To pay more money for a product that doesn’t perform any better that a brand that is foreign made does not make sense to me. I have read that by buying one American made clothing product I could save American jobs. It would be interesting to see how many of these jobs are being performed by Americans and not by green card workers. I bought my American made clothing items and have done my part for the next three years.

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  4. I am happy to pay more for a product made here when that product is as good or better than what I can get from overseas (leaving aside ethical concerns about working conditions for the moment, anyway). All American jeans are great, so I’m happy to pay double what I would for sweatshop jeans that last 1/4 as long. City Boxers pays American workers to handmake great underwear, and since I’m employed, it’s worth it to drop $26 a pair on ’em since they haven’t worn out since I started buying 3 years ago. I recently bought one of the Air King fans that’s USA made and it’s a really great fan. But I’ve also bought American-made products that were shoddy, not durable, or ugly and made of low grade material (in the case of union made clothes from some suppliers). I want to buy American. I don’t want to buy crap, no matter what the origin is.

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