Your Voice Heard Right Here!

In our last survey we asked you to vote on the new usa made items you would like us to carry! Since then, we have taken your votes into account and have some upcoming new items in the works! In this survey your voice will be heard once again as we are looking for your preference when it comes to the shade of blue denim in your jeans or shorts! Please vote and have your voice heard in being a part of what we do at the All American Clothing Co!


So with that being said,

Thank you!


All American Clothing Co.

17 thoughts on “Your Voice Heard Right Here!

  1. I have looked in stores for years trying to find work jeans that were made in US. Finally placed my first order with you last week. My jeans arrived and I am pleased. I am a Sheet Metal Worker and would love to see a leather label available with our Union Label emblem on it. Also, I wear carpenter jeans everyday. I would like to have a lighter weight cotton carpenter style pant for summer time. Perhaps available in tan and or blue. Just a thought. Please keep up the good work! Any plans for retail stores? If so perhaps teaming up with RedWing Boots, their product is made in US as well.

  2. how about leather patch between loops on 1873’s and the little flag sown on outside seam by front pocket. Jus say’n

  3. Please make men’s cargo pants. Just had to buy some Redhead pants from BPS made in India because I can’t find USA made cargo pants.

  4. How about silk screening for the shirts so companies can use them for work shirts? Love the Jeans and shorts

  5. Some cool t-shirts with musclecars on them would be nice, do them tastefully and you would sell alot .It would be great to have a great American car on a great American made t-shirt.

  6. Hi, Logan
    We met in Mpls. when Ed and Wendy were here two summers back. You took a picture of my butt!
    I have ordered from you several times and love your stuff. At one time you were going to offer work (in the office) shirts. I know you do not yet. I have looked on other sites including the USA forever site which Ed Schultz also hawks but they have nothing. (They have about twenty-five retro 40s shirts which I would not expect to be able to find anywhere except Good Will. Are they nuts!?)

    My dress shirts, cotton, button down, in blue, yellow, and white are all worn out and my 8 brushed cotton tartan plaids are all frayed at the collars and cuffs but I have promised myself to buy no more “Made in China” clothes. What do I do? Your jeans are nice. Your t-shirts are great. Your polos are fine but not for work. I have never owned a pair of boots; a sandals guy. Where can I find American shirts?
    I love what you do! Can you do more?
    Trace James (check out my WordPress blog some time!)

    • @gracetracer: Try I just bought a pair of jeans and I’ve now found my go-to brand. They aren’t cheap, but I’ll bet they will last much longer than two or three cheap shirts.

  7. Sorry, Lawson. It seems to me I had trouble with your name at the theater as well. You would think a guy with a name like Trace would work extra hard to get other people’s names right. I’ll try harder but truth is, I am gettin’ old.

    • Hey Trace!

      Long time no see. I hope all is well for you and that your efforts in supporting ‘buy American’ are still as strong as ever. To answer your question we have recently added a few new styles of polos that I would recommend to you. Those styles being the ‘Breeze’, the ‘Jazz’, or the ‘Concord.’ I hope you will enjoy them along with our other All American items.
      Have a great day,


      • Lawson!
        Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I am very much still your supporter and fan. I just wish I could live all the time in jeans and polos and Ts.

        I am still looking for is dress shirts, however. Someone at your site directed me to another web site where I found I could purchase U. S. made dress shirts and I would only need to take out a second mortgage on my house: $160.00-$190.00 for one shirt!? Seriously? If that is the only option other than clothes from China it is obvious why almost no one makes dress shirts in the U. S. and why we import them all from China. If that is our choice we have lost this battle and maybe the war.

        And what about casual brushed cotton tartan plaid shirts? I have eight of them which I have worn all fall/winter after work and on weekends. They are all falling apart after 15-18 years of wear. This Christmas my wife, knowing my situation, bought me one plaid shirt from L.L.Bean. It was made in El Salvador but I have no idea under what conditions. The Bean catalog just says “imported” in tiny letters in each item discription and they will not even admit — I have corresponded with their “customer relations” propagandist several times this winter — where they get them except where they must, on the label. Land’s End, the same thing.

        Some of us are committed to buying U. S. clothing but that has to mean we can find reasonably priced U.S.-made clothing. Most of us do not have money to burn. (Do you know of the blog, “onehandclapping”? The author is a young Christian woman named Julie Clawson who lives in Texas. She has written two books, the first of which was, “Everyday Justice; The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices.” Her work has changed the minds and lives of a lot of people, including me. Her audience needs what you make and sell. Like me, most of the people who read her do not have a lot of money but we care passionately about justice for all people in God’s good creation. We do not want to buy sweat-shop clothes any more!)

        CBS Sunday Morning did a thing yesterday on Jeans (you probably saw it or someone there did). This fool is making jeans, one at a time, on ancient equipment and selling them for nearly $400.00 a pop. I know you do already do far better than that; I was wearing a fabulous, reasonably-priced pair of All American Clothing jeans yesterday and they did not cost me the equivalent of a car payment.

        Surely someone can similarly re-engineer the manufacture of dress and casual (not just polo and T) shirts!

        According to a survey on yesterday’s Sunday Morning, 42% of people wear jeans to work “all the time.” But the next largest group said they wear jeans to work “never.” That was 32% if I remember it correctly. That is me and it is your next market niche: shirts and pants — you already have some pants, I know, as I am wearing your famous black slacks this very moment — for us who can’t wear jeans to work. I hope you can fill this niche soon and before anyone else does and before I am naked!

        Running out of old, unjust clothes, I very much remain your fan, Lawson!
        Blessings on your work!
        Peace and grace,
        Trace James

  8. I would so love to see a usa made quity pair of shorts for women. I love the jeans I recently bought from you but would like a short for the hot days of summer that are fastly appouching us.
    Also a quility made boot for women… I try to take care of all things I buy and my shoes and clothes do last a long time but as I am finding my boots that use to be made in the usa are now no longer made here. Not a fancy dress boot but an every day work in the yard type boot. Just a thought.

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