A Week of Recognition for our American Heroes,

In recognition of Memorial Day, we will be giving away a number of our Freedom tees every day this week to commemorate those who have fallen while serving and protecting the freedoms that American citizens can enjoy today. The saying “Freedom is not free” serves as a reminder to the acts of honor, sacrifice, and valor our servicemen and women have given for their country.

To take part in the weeklong event simply join our newsletter for a chance to win a “freedom is not free” tee shirt. You can also thank a veteran in the comments section of our facebook page to enter. This gives you an opportunity to thank a veteran on a large scale with a large community while having the chance to win a free tee shirt.  Please feel free to personalize your message to the veterans of your liking.

In addition to this, the All American Clothing Co. will be donating $1.00 to the Wounded Warrior Project in accordance to the amount of orders we receive from May 22 through May 28.The ultimate goal of this event is to recognize our servicemen and women with a big ‘thank you’.

Honor our heroes today and enter for your chance to win a freedom tee! The winner—along with their hero will be announced and thanked each day on our Facebook page. You will also receive an email confirmation from us.

Thank You American Heroes,

–All American Clothing Co.

6 thoughts on “A Week of Recognition for our American Heroes,

  1. this sounds like spam to me, . if you are going to give something away. give it!//do not make good past buyer’s of your clothes go thru a bunch of crap to get something that YOU are saying you are going to give away./ sorry ,i hav been a big supporter of buying USA made stuff, since the 80’s when they started out sourceing

    • Wow, Just the fact alone that this company wants to stay true to the United States of America should make you happy to buy from them, not be mad you don’t get a free T-Shirt. If it means that much to you, I’ll join the newsletter and you can have my T-Shirt. Feel better now? I hope so. Proud to be 100% American and nothing else.

    • Whenever I get steamed, I say this: “Pins and needles, needles and pins… it’s a happy man that grins.” Then I smile to myself. And then I say, “What am I mad about?” And it works. I couldn’t think of what I was mad about!

  2. Hey Kevin,
    We appreciate your concerns. In order to raise awareness on the appreciation we have for our servicemen we have decided to give away “Freedom is not free” tee shirts. For us to give them away, we need information from our followers who are willing to participate. This is why we have asked those participants to sign up for our newsletter or simply post a comment.
    Thanks for your comments,
    -All American Clothing Co.

  3. My father served during WW2, My husband served for 5 years in a couple of services. Now my nephew is in. We buy from this company and a few more when we can find them. It is a good company. We also go to the made in America store a few times a year. Hubby will walk out of a store when he can’t find made in america items. So that is many stores.

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