New Website: What do YOU think?

Last week, we announced the launch of our new website! We hope that you have checked it out to see the many new features it has to offer. We have incorporated PayPal, a new shopping cart, product image zoom and product search among many other features to the website!

The main goal of these changes was to make the website easier to use for our customers! We want to know what you think about the new website. Do you enjoy the new features? If so, which ones? Do you feel it is easier to use? Are there any problems with it?  Please share your comments with us in the section below.


All American Clothing Co.

3 thoughts on “New Website: What do YOU think?

  1. to the main person that does the addvertizing on fb/my neews feed. no bait switch games to get peeps. to your site. if you are offering something on a ”post”;; when people click on it ,it should take you right to it. you should not hav to read or hunt all over to find it// thank you kevin

  2. Hey Kevin,
    We appreciate your concerns. Do the buttons in the post above not take you to our website when you click them? They should take you right to the site where you need to go. For instance, the ‘new website’ button should take you to the front page of the new website. The ‘Father`s Day’ banner at the bottom of the post should take you to the Father`s Day sale on our website. We are sorry if are experiencing any difficulties and we hope this helps.
    -All American Clothing Co.

  3. no ,i’m sorry i’m being a pest about this. i’m not having any trouble finding what you all hav to offer, or should anybody else. what i’m having a problem with is your way of getting people to click off fb & go to your site so you can show them what you hav to sell. if you start out w/FREE T-SHIRTS to 1st 100 peeps.. then when you click on should go right to the point of your headline. i should not hav to search and read quite a while to find out how to win a t-shirt.( which i did not care whether i got one or not). you did it w/ military pics. too on gave nice comment and said to ck. out pics. of d-day on your site. i go there and i see 1 pic. & nx. pic. is a pair of blue jeans! then you tell in small writing if you want to see pics., ( d-day) go to this off the wall web site.. YOU CAN SELL YOUR STUFF WITH JUST YOUR NAME MAINLY/ there alot people want what you are doing./good luck/ my son say’s i ought to work work for you ,because i’m telling people about the things i got from you,and what you hav:)

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