Made in USA Vs. Made in China: Which Will You Pledge?

With the latest news trend of team USA`s uniforms being Made in China there has been an outrage amongst the American media, politicians, and citizens. And rightfully so. With ABC World News`s Diane Sawyer reporting that an estimated $1 billion in revenues could have stayed on this side of the pond, perhaps there should have been an example set by all parties involved on the importance of supporting USA Made items during the Olympics. It did not happen.

However, that example in supporting USA Made items is now being made through America`s excitement on the situation. Americans are now coming together stronger than ever to support a Made in USA cause. They are fleeing to USA Made stores just to show their support of American Made items.

This is what Americans do. Americans come together in upsetting times. When affronted, Americans collectively stand up to battle and fight for a cause.

Though this is a different type of battle, it is one we can win together.

Made in USA Vs. Made in China starts now.

Which will you pledge?


All American Clothing Co.

6 thoughts on “Made in USA Vs. Made in China: Which Will You Pledge?

  1. Acknowledging that we now have a “global economy”, we must also recognize that a strident manufacturing base is a necessary component of a growing economy. Whatever item I pick up whether it’s cleaning supplies, hardware, clothes (of course) or any other everyday necessity – I look for the Made in America stamp.

    I pray for the people of Sensata Corporation of Freeport, Illinois who are in the process of losing thier jobs to China. 147 souls will be looking for work – – they manufacture sensors for automobiles. They are currently training their replacements.

    • This so called. “Global economy” is a made up political lie to allow comanies to get away with destroying our country, if this so called global economy had worked our country wouldnt be failing along with Europe, it doesnt work. There has to be money in the middle class to make an economy work and as long as there are no decent good paying jobs assuming that this outsourcing/ offshoring continues we will never have a good America again, stop buying into the propoganda.

      • Zach, you and I see this exactly the same. It’s all lies made up so the companies can reap huge profits with total disregard to who pays the price. These companies take jobs away from US citizens, hire low paid workers in other countries, then sell the products to the people that they just took the jobs from…….”We the people” need to start sticking together.

    • So sad. I used to frequent Freeport when at the family lake house is Lake Carroll. I have since moved away….hope the displaced will find suitable replacement positions. I buy American whenever I can…More Americans need to do so to save our jobs!!!

  2. I pledged Made in USA 5 years ago! There are still plenty of products made here, sometimes it just takes a little research/buying on the internet, or reading the labels at the store before buying

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