Americans Spent $43.2 Billion Online in Second Quarter

According to comScore, online e-commerce sales reached $43.2 billion during the second quarter in the United States. A number that reaches up 15% compared to the second quarter a year ago.

I recently read this information and quickly asked myself, “What if Americans spent that $43.2 Billion on only USA Made items per quarter?” Americans are obviously spending a huge amount of funds online so the argument of USA Made items being too expensive is out of the question.

If all Americans spent this amount of $43.2 Billion online per quarter on USA Made items, it would create $172.8 Billion in profits. $172.8 Billion a year will benefit the economy immensely and create thousands of American jobs.

So, what do you think is keeping citizens from buying USA Made items online?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


All American Clothing Co.

3 thoughts on “Americans Spent $43.2 Billion Online in Second Quarter

  1. Merchandise made in the USA is very limited. The new website Keep America has a good idea, but selection is extremely limited, All American toys is another good USA company, but again, very limited selections. You company has a decent selection, but again, only for people that wear jeans and T shirts. I think if we keep just always trying to buy what we can that is made here, the variety ill go up.

  2. I just got back from Chicago’s StyleMax, a trade show for wholesale vendors of clothing. True, there were many more imports, than USA made. But there seemed to be more American Made this year than last Fall and I think it’s because business owners, are asking! Last Fall we asked all vendors, “Where are your clothes made?”, and we did that again. The problem is, people need to start asking for USA made, at boutiques and Department stores, whether it’s clothes or tools! and anything else you’re shopping for, send messages to those online companies that you’re using as well. Just buying USA made is not enough, we must ask for USA made products, they are out there, we need to get the businesses to search them out and provide them to the buyers.
    I think the other big problem is, that a large percentage of people who shop online are looking specifically for certain items, or looking for the lowest prices.

  3. Anymore,most people go down to their local large retailers,or “big box” stores,where they can find everything they need,because it’s convenient.Most people don’t look at the tags,and unfortunately,these stores don’t carry much of anything made in the USA.I think a push towards some advertisement of made in USA companies,and where to find their products,whether they are online or carried in stores,would be a benefit. This advertisement should be taken TO the people,however that may be,and not just to those who have “liked” a company on social media,and only then get posts about what is going on with the company.Right now,unfortunately,”made in the USA” is “out of sight,out of mind”!

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