A Morning to Remember…

While driving to work, I saw a man raising the American flag. He had a hat on with his war medals attached. I knew right away that he was a veteran.
Glenn Eley 3
Just the sight of him left me speechless. I stopped to share a conversation. His name is Glenn Eley. He is a proud WW2 veteran who served in Europe under the 12th Armor Division. He raises the American flag every morning he gets to work at the local hardware store in Arcanum, OH.

Glenn Eley 2

It`s a rare moment when you see the true meaning beneath the surface of one`s actions. This was one of those moments. He wasn’t raising the flag because he had to, or someone told him to do it. He was raising the flag because he was proud. He wanted to raise that flag. That flag holds meaning to him. He defended it. He fought for it. And now he raises that flag every morning out of love for his country.

Glenn Eley 1

To Mr. Eley and the brave Veterans like him. Thank you.


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8 thoughts on “A Morning to Remember…

  1. Very proud to be related to uncle Glenn Eley . I wish there were a lot more of him. He is over 90 yrs old and still working at the hardware store and taking care of aunt Helen. My hat is off to you uncle Glenn !!! Thank you for your service!!

  2. This is my wonderful grandpa. He is such an inspiration to his family and all those who chose to meet him. He has lived a long life of hard work and determination to make this country a home for us.

  3. Thank You Mr Eley. We are so proud and thankful for all you and your fellow veterans have done for all of us and future generations. God Bless you.

  4. my great uncle glenn is truly a hero and everyone in our family loves him dearly. Thank You uncle Glenn for my freedom that I have and the rest of the United States has too is all because of the men and women who fought for the freedom of that beautiful flag. thank you to all the men and women that have defended this wonderful country

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