How To Wash Your Jeans – All American Clothing Co.

A pair of All American Jeans will last you a very long time but if you want yours to last longer, remain shrinkage free, and even keep other clothes from being damaged in the wash, please follow…

  ‘The Method’

All American Jeans - How to wash

First, be sure to read the label in your All American jeans.

  1. Read the care label inside your All American jean.
  2. Empty the pockets.
  3. Turn your jeans inside out.
  4. Set the washing cycle to delicate.
  5. Only load All American Jeans with other jeans in the washer. Make sure the load setting is on heavy.
  6. As our tag reads, ‘machine wash warm with like colors.’ You can also wash with cold water. Do not use hot water.
  7. If you like softer USA made jeans, add fabric softener during the rinse cycle.
  8. Remove your jeans right after the washing cycle is complete.
  9. Turn the jeans right side out and proceed to dry them.
  10. You can dry your jeans in a number of ways:
    1. Hang them on a clothes line or rack to air dry. If you are indoors, lay some towels down to catch the dripping water.
    2. You can put your All American jeans in the dryer. Be sure to turn the dryer on the lowest temperature setting. NOTE: Jeans that are air dried are less likely to shrink and fade than jeans in a dryer.
    3. After drying, hang your jeans instead of folding to avoid wrinkles and creases.


  • Hot water and jeans do not mix.
  • Hot dryers and jeans do not mix.
  • Other USA made clothing items and jeans do not mix. They turn blue.
  • Light blue jeans and dark blue jeans do not mix.
  • Never try to shrink your jeans on your own. They will shrink unevenly. Contact us and we will have the sizing altered.
  • Black jeans shrink more than blue jeans. Keep warm temperatures and time cycles lower than usual when washing and drying.

If you have any questions about washing and drying your All American Jeans, please feel free to contact our customer service department by phone or email.


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3 thoughts on “How To Wash Your Jeans – All American Clothing Co.

    • Hey Elaine.

      Yes this may seem like extra work, but is intended to help our customers keep their items safe from ruin.

      Our jeans do shrink and the blue die will bleed out of the denim, especially during their first wash. We are mentioning this step by step process to help as much as we can.

      Thank you for checking in. We hope you will like our new ladies jeans set to release this week!

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