All American Pricing, Quality Explained…

Thank you all for supporting American made products at the All American Clothing Co. We truly would not be here without your help and understanding of the need for manufacturing in the USA. Many Americans would not have jobs today without you. Thank you.

For those of you who ask us about the price we wanted to explain why the cost of USA made goods is higher. As you will read, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to stay in USA. With your help we hope to create American jobs and to “never trade those American jobs for foreign profits”. Please read the statement below from our Co-Founder Lawson Nickol as he explains why American Made pricing and quality is more expensive.

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From The Desk Of Lawson Nickol,

1. 1. Taxes are higher, 2. the cost of cotton fabrics (up over 200% in the past several years), 3. supply and demand (majority of cotton in USA is sold to china and other countries that have the majority of the apparel industry), 4. the US has lost over 84% of it’s revenue in the cut and sew industry over the last 10 years, 5. even China says it will raise it’s price and labor rates by 30% to 40% of the next 3 years (but they haven’t done it yet), 6. pay rate in USA is 4 to 5 times more than the rate in the foreign countries, 7.  no tariff to stop the manufacturing processes and labor atrocities in the foreign companies. 8. QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT AND SERVICE (FABRIC Quality, SEWING Quality, ABILITY TO RETURN AND EXCHANGE), 9. minimum wage in the USA vs China, Pakistan, Mexico, Bangladesh, etc. puts the USA in an impossible competitive price.

2. If All American Clothing only wanted to make money, I sure would not be able to do it in the USA.

3. After 8 years of testing and tracking the durability of the product, we have proven that you can buy our product and expect to average buying only once every 2.3 years.  Or you can buy 1 pair of the lighter weight (foreign product) 2 times and still have to buy 2 pair of worn out/deteriorated pair jeans. This indicates nearly the same cost value.

Yep, ours is higher cost, but I buy a lot of higher cost products that are made in the USA in order to support tax base, jobs, SSN, police, firemen, hospitals, infrastructure, military, freedom, etc etc. I don’t buy foreign jeans and help to support labor atrocities, child labor, pour manufacturing quality, give money to the foreign governments, on and on and on. I know you didn’t ask me about my buying habits, but the big picture and the future require USA jobs and product production. If that was not important to me… I would make jeans in Mexico and sell them to America. I would get wealthy and US Americans would still lose jobs, leave economic problems for you future generations, begin to deteriorate your own standard of living.

We know that the jeans we sell are priced higher than many foreign made jeans, but we are lower than the average jeans made in the USA. And, there are legitimate reasons. Since the USA garment industry has all but left the USA (only 3% of the garments purchased in the USA are still made in the USA) I am proud to be one of the very few still making the jeans in the USA and supporting the government and people that understand the reasons we are not really that costly compared to the cost of the decline of all the above issues. Our country is in trouble unless we change the direction we are headed.

Thank you for your support.


All American Clothing Co.

All American Clothing Co

23 thoughts on “All American Pricing, Quality Explained…

  1. Thank you! I hate buying t-shirts at the mall, where it is expected that you will buy two or three and layer them just so people can’t see through the fabric. Thank you for making quality products!

  2. Thank you! My husband needed jeans badly since we are in the home building industry. We went to a retailer because of a discount coupon. Needless to say the Levi brand was sooo thin, disappointing. My husband is the type of guy that needs to try on at least 3 pairs in the same size, since all pairs are not made the same. Therefore he is getting what we paid for. I will try to encourage him to buy from you on line, unless you have a facility in Wisconsin we can visit.
    Thanks again for your company and vision. Our motto in the home building industry is: Make it American, Make it Home, Make it Yours!
    Here’s to us~
    S. Mistele-Wildt

  3. Well, the old saying is true…….”you get what you pay for”……… can pay for top quality clothing made here and support your country….or you can buy cheap imports that have much lower thread count and will fall apart……I choose to support my country and it’a workers. Thank you for staying in the U.S.!!!

  4. I am an American citizen…..I want to support American workers, businesses and our country….we have to do this I feel…it is our obligation and should be our goal. Nothing else makes sense to me. Thank you for making American products….if there are no jobs for citizens eventually there will be no means to purchase even those shoddy and cheap items that come creeping back into our country. We must have tariffs to assist those who wish to keep their businesses in America….nothing else is going to stop this hemorrage of jobs offshore.

  5. Great Job Lawton and BJ….you explained it well in this statementl…..honestly,
    truthfully and thorough. I wish all Americans can just learn how jobs and products bought in American is keeping America !!!

  6. I have purchased several items from you and have never been unsatisfied!! I will gladly pay a little more to keep American Manufacturing in business. You can go to any higher end store in the malls, Nieman Marcus, Macy’s, etc., and you will pay more for some of the brand names, that are made in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc., than you do for your brand jeans made here in the “Good Old USA”. As Americans we can be our own worst enemy at times by not supporting Ameican manufacturing. Thank you for doing what you can to keep American products coming. My husband and I are very satisfied customers of yours and will continue to be.

  7. Funny how the people that get it don’t need to be told. However, there are fewer than 3% of us, so the word needs to get out. I just shared on Facebook, for what that’s worth.

    I’m a customer of yours and a big supporter of your company. I try and bring up the topic whenever I am wearing one of my 4 pair of AA Jeans. I’m hoping to change attitudes a bit at a time.

    Keep up the fight. We 3% have already made up our minds and won’t allow anything less than the American Icon we wear to be made HERE and only here.

    God bless.


  8. I buy all my jeans and shirts from here, and I always get the USA patch on the jeans. I like to show my support for US made goods.

  9. I would still like to know why I cannot buy jeans with a 29 inch inseam. I am willing to pay a little extra, even if I don’t believe it should be.

    • Hey Paul – Thank you for wanting to support American Made items with us. With our new cut and sew operation, we hope to expand our line of sizing for both men and women in both inseams and waist sizing. Please give our customer service email a shout and we may be able to help you further.

      Thank you.

  10. Stopped by the office..and left with a pair of jeans and a jean’s jacket! Love them! They have a really neat showroom, as well. I highly recommend this company – and thank you for being “American-made”.

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