YOUR Vote, YOUR Say, YOUR Shirt!!!

new shirt name usa made

Last week, we asked for some ideas on a name for the upcoming USA Made tee shirt design above. Today, your voice will be heard as part of our product development team. Below are the top picks gathered from last week.

For YOU: We decided to add a little fun to this for YOU. On our Facebook page please comment, LIKE, or Share this for a chance to win the very first American Made shirt that is printed with this design on it!

Please cast YOUR vote below.

All American Clothing Co.

2 thoughts on “YOUR Vote, YOUR Say, YOUR Shirt!!!

    • Hey Ian,

      They are not available… yet.

      The shirts are currently in production and will be available soon. If you`d like one for Free, please visit our facebook page and share,comment, or like the post. Also, if you`d like to know when they are available just subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know first!

      Thank you.

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