In the Media

Together with our friends in the media we have been spreading the word on the All American Clothing Co. across the country. Did you know that… You can help spread the word & create American jobs with the All American Clothing Co? If you have any ideas, know someone who works in the world of media, or you work in the world of media – we`d love to hear from you. Please email us at to share your ideas. It can be anything!

ABC World News (9/2/2013)  

PARADE (9/1/2013) 

Examiner (9/1/2013)

ABC World News Radio (8/31/2013) 

Made in USA Challenge (8/29/2013)

PR Web (8/28/2013)

CNN (8/27/2013 – plug) 

School For Startups Radio (8/26/2013)

Union Labor Talk Radio Show (8/26/2013) 

Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice Awards (8/26/2013)

Dayton Daily News (8/24/2013)

Washington Times (8/21/2013) 

USA Made Challenge (8/21/2013) 

PR Web (8/20/2013)

Larry King/ORA TV (8/16/2013) [End Ad Campaign]

PR Web (7/29/2013) 

CNN (7/17/2013 – plug) 

Ohio Ag Net (7/16/2013) 

Larry King/ORA TV (7/9/2013) [Begin Ad Campaign]

CNN The Short List (7/5/2013)

Wilkow Majority on Sirius XM Patriot (7/1/2013 & 7/4/2013)

ABC World News (7/4/2013)

American Cowboy Magazine (7/1/2013) [Print]

PR Web (6/19/2013)

PR Web (5/23/2013)

National Public Radio – WYSO (5/13/2013)

Inc. Magazine (5/10/2013)

WYSO – NPR Radio Interview (5/10/2013

Brookville Star Newspaper Article (5/8/2013

Moon Griffon Radio Show (5/8/2013

NBC Radio – 3 Guys Rant (5/6/2013)

PR Web (5/6/2013)

Apparel Magazine – ‘Top 40 Innovator’ (5/3/2013)

Dayton Business Journal (5/3/2013)

PR Web (5/2/2013) 

ABC TV News 22 – Dayton (5/2/2013) [Broadcast]

Daily Advocate Newspaper (4/17/2013)

USA 30 Day Journey Documentary Film (4/16/2013)

Mountain Man Radio Show (4/15/2013)

Interview with Mountain Man (from Duck Dynasty) and John Schneider (Bo Duke) of Dukes of Hazzard about American made items and traceability at

Mountain Man Radio Show (4/8/2013)

PR Web (4/7/2013)

Darke Journal (4/5/2013)

WHIO TV News (4/5/2013) [Broadcast]

WND (3/27/2013)

USA Today (3/25/2013)

PR Web (3/15/2013)

Examiner (3/12/2013)

Huffington Post (2/28/2013)

PR Web (2/26/2013)

Dayton Daily News (2/25/2013)

PR Web(2/22/2013)

Southstar Says (2/19/2013)

PR Web (2/1/2013)

HLN (1/24/2013) [Broadcast]

PR Web (1/22/2013)

PR Web (1/2/2013)

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